Ehsanam digital marketing process

My Digital Marketing Strategy To Market Products & Services Online

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Hello everyone, my name is Ehsan, I have an MBA in marketing and I am a digital marketing coach. For more than 18 years, I have helped many small and medium-sized businesses to build a lean, beautiful website and design a comprehensive, integrated digital marketing strategy using all suitable marketing tools, SEO, PPC, local marketing, social media marketing, and great content to get the most out of their online business and get the qualified results.

Over the years, I have always been looking for a model that can bring all the online business processes together step by step. I am happy to share this model with you today. This process starts from budgeting and planning for online business and then, we research the competitors, also research to find potential audiences or customers. By knowing the budget, audiences, and competitors, we formulate the goals related to the marketing activities. The first step to do in an online business is designing a website. Website design is the most important step in online marketing. In fact, the website is the core of all online activities. In addition to the website, we can use customer relationship management systems, CRM, as well as business intelligence, artificial intelligence, and marketing automation in digital marketing activities. Through channels such as social media, as well as advertising on search engines like Google and Bing, as well as content marketing, mobile marketing, and email marketing, we can promote our products and services to more potential customers. Marketing data analysis on a weekly and monthly basis can help us identify the most effective marketing methods and focus more on the methods that have been most effective for the online business.

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