Start Business in Canada – Step By Step Guide

Embark on your entrepreneurial journey in Canada with confidence. This comprehensive course will equip you with the knowledge and skills needed to navigate the complexities of starting, growing, and optimizing your business. From legalities to marketing strategies, master every aspect of entrepreneurship in the Canadian business landscape. Start your business on the right foot and propel it to new heights!

Course Features:

  • Interactive Learning Materials
  • Engaging video lectures, case studies, and quizzes.
    Live Q&A Sessions
  • Regular live sessions for addressing queries.
    Community Forum
  • A platform for networking and collaboration.
    Practical Assignments
  • Apply concepts learned through real-world exercises.
    Industry Expert Webinars
  • Insights from successful entrepreneurs and industry experts.

Course Title:

Entrepreneurial Journey in Canada: A Step-by-Step Guide

Module 1: Getting Started
1.1 Introduction to Canadian Business Environment

Overview of Canadian market trends and opportunities.
1.2 Legalities and Registration

Step-by-step guide on business registration in Canada.
1.3 Developing a Business Idea

Techniques for brainstorming and refining business concepts.

Module 2: Setting Foundations
2.1 Establishing Goals and Objectives

Defining short-term and long-term goals for business success.
2.2 Budgeting and Financial Planning

Creating a realistic budget and financial plan.

Module 3: Business Model Design
3.1 Lean Business Canvas

Introduction to Lean Business Canvas design for efficient planning.
3.2 Research Strategies

Techniques for Audience and Competitor Research (R), Segmentation (S), Targeting (T), and Positioning (P).
3.3 Core Business Infrastructure

Designing the core of the business including Web Designing and Development, CRM, AI, BI, and Automation Integration as part of Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC).

Module 4: Marketing Strategies
4.1 Marketing Mix (4Ps)

Understanding Product, Price, Place, and Promotion strategies.
4.2 Multi-Channel Marketing

Strategies for SEO, Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, Search Engine Marketing (SEM), PPC Advertising, Email Marketing, and Mobile Marketing.

Module 5: Scaling the Business
5.1 Growth Strategies

Exploring avenues for scaling the business.
5.2 Marketing Mix in Scaling

Strategies for continued growth using the Marketing Mix (4Ps).

Module 6: Control and Optimization
6.1 Reporting and Data Analysis

Tools and techniques for effective reporting.6.2 Optimization Strategies

Analyzing data to optimize business processes.



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